BMW e9x LS Swap Guides

Wiring e9x LS Swap Gas Pedal

This has to be one of the top three questions and problems people run into doing the swap.  It is due to multiple issues including wrong throttle body, wiring issues, etc.  We will go over a lot of the common problems. Throttle Body Selection: Hands down of the best throttle bodies is a genuine LS3 throttle body GM part #12605109. These can be sourced from several online retailers.  It is one of the models Holley has built-in support for on the Terminator X Max. It has been widely tested and used. Terminator X Wiring Harness: Holley Part # 558-406 which...

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Holley Terminator X - What to Know Before Installing

This is something that is well documented in general, but not fully detailed for the e9x chassis swap.  Some have documented how they did it, but it still seems many people contact us with questions they feel are left unanswered. RULE #1 IF YOU ARE DBW, DO NOT CONNECT THE RED/WHITE WIRE TO +12v IGNITION POWER COMING FROM THE DBW HARNESS!!! But in all seriousness, this is one of the biggest issues with first time users wiring there Terminator X Max.  This wire is intended to be connected to a brake switch.  It is a safety measure for DBW that...

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Common Questions Starting your e9x LS Swap

The e9x swap is becoming more and more documented everyday.  Between social media groups and forum posts a lot of information is being shared.  But after being around and quite involved for years now, here are some of the most common questions we get about the swap: What is the cost to do a complete swap?The truth is, no matter what, no one can just give you a number.  Yes, it is possible to give a "ROUGH" figure for the swap but it is only accurate if you follow and source the parts IDENTICAL to that person.  The best advice...

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